A new design for your groups

We’re happy to announce that today, we’re launching a brand new Groups design. With this update, we’ve given your Groups a look that’s more consistent with the larger site design changes we introduced in May. The new Groups is easier to use, better showcases group photos and discussions, and gives group admins more ways to customize their groups’ appearance.

Group Home Pages

Many of you will recognize the design for individual group pages, which is similar to the updated Photostream experience you got in May. Every group now has a new, high-res buddy icon and its own cover photo, which group admins can select from group photos or their own photostreams. Different from the group buddy icon, the cover photo is a place to feature photos that represent your group or highlight some of your group members’ best work.

Group Home Page Screen Shot

This new design will make it easier to navigate your group’s content and to submit photos to the group — along with other improvements to the left-hand side bar, we’ve added an additional button for adding photos to reduce scrolling. Your group description also has a new home in the “About” tab, where you’ll find that group’s rules and submission guidelines as well. We preview a segment of your group description below the group name in the menu for more visibility. Finally, the “Discussions” tab presents group discussions in a new format that makes it easier to browse, read, and contribute to group topics.

Your Groups Page

Your groups list page has gotten the biggest update of the redesign with a beautiful tiled view of the groups you belong to and administer. This view features thumbnails generated from group cover photos for a more visual experience you can order by name or recent activity. For those who belong to a large number of groups, we’ve kept the simpler list view with group names and buddy icons for more compact browsing. To switch between views, just use the toggle in the top right corner.

Groups List Sreenshot

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who helps make Groups on Flickr a wonderful and vibrant place to share photos and stories. We hope you’ll enjoy it! If you’d like to tell us what you think about the groups design or if you need to report an issue, please join us in the Help Forum and let us know in our official feedback and bugs threads.