#FlickrFriday: Dreams Can Come True

Cypress Tunnel, Mist, Deer, Point Reyes, #311

Dreaming of a Fairytale

A walk observed Silver Linings A Dream Came True

Dream sequence

Take my hand - #DreamsCanComeTrue #FlickrFriday

Moment #2 Living in a Daydream

Still Life.

Tendresse Window On The Milky Way

# Our last Flickr Friday theme was #DreamsCanComeTrue. This is a selection of our favorites from your submissions.

The things we most cherish are those that come when we close our eyes and listen to our heart. Today we invite you to get in touch with all those special things that make you smile because they already happened or because there is a little flame that tells you are going to go after them. Whether it’s a precious friend to share your adventures with, or that significant other who joins you for a fantastic journey. You shared with us how important dreams are to fulfill the engine of life. See and explore more of this meaningful theme in our FlickrFriday group pool.

For our next theme, we want you to tell us what surrounds your #BusinessAsUsual. It could be you that gives us a different perspective about your daily life or a funny approach to it. We will be waiting for all your submissions and the selection of your images will be showcased right here on the Flickr Blog next Friday. If you would like to invite your friends to take part in this week’s challenge retweet us or share our status.

Photos from Michelle Blake, Tom, Adi Dekel, number7cloud, Laurence, Mark Tuffney, Laurent VALENCIA, Tomas Dämrich, Millionwinters, Carmia G, Laurence Berdeil, and floyka.

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