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Please join us in welcoming the Costică Acsinte Archive to The Commons. Costică Acsinte was a Romanian war photographer born on July 4th, 1897. He participated as a volunteer in the war to unite the Romanian nation and attended Aviation School. After his discharge, he opened a photo studio and continued taking pictures until his death on January 7th, 1984.

Most of Costică Acsinte’s work was aquired by Ialomița County Museum in the early 1990s. The museum was founded in 1968 in Slobozia City, Ialomița County, Romania, and holds over 25,000 artifacts in different fields including history, archaeology, ethnography, and art.

The Costică Acsinte Archive is a colaborative project between the museum and Cezar Popescu, a 37 year old photography enthusiast who collects old black and white analog photographic formulas.

The Archives main objective is to digitize all the photographic work consisting of around 5000 glass negatives and a small selection of prints.

We hope you enjoy exploring those photographs as much as we do. You can contribute your knowledge and wisdom by adding meaningful tags and comments to the photos.

Photos from Costică Acsinte Archive.

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