Curated Connections: A new Flickr licensing experience

One of the most inspiring parts of our work as curators is the powerful images we discover on a daily basis. Flickr’s talented community is what makes our site such a great place for photography, and we believe there are tremendous opportunities to share your original moments with the world.

Today we are excited to introduce a new way for you to partner with photo agencies, editors, bloggers and other creative minds who are seeking original content like yours. Our curatorial team will provide assistance, outreach and connectivity to help you get your photos licensed!

We are looking for you

Getting discovered for creative opportunities is as easy as being a Flickr member and uploading the photos you love. Flickr’s curators are searching for exciting and credible opportunities for you to share your exceptional photography. They will reach out to you via Flickr Mail and provide details on Flickr’s licensing program.

Creative opportunities

Beyond licensing opportunities with photo agencies, we will look for ways to showcase your photos on the Flickr blog and across other Yahoo properties like News and Travel. We’ll also try to connect you with original photo assignments!

We are going to make this easy for you

Licensing is a great way to earn money with your photos, and whether you are new to licensing or an experienced pro, we want to make this process transparent and easy. We’ll handle the tedious work and keep you focused on taking great photos!

To get started, sign up to be considered for the program and receive email updates.

Together let’s share your creativity with the world!


(Lead image by ROMA photography)

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Liz Lapp

Liz is a curator and content manager for Flickr and is passionate about visual storytelling. As a curator on Flickr she searches for extraordinary photography and finds opportunities to share it with a global community.