Top Tag Tuesday

Flickr tags help you keep your photos organized and make it easy for other users to locate your content through search and tag pages. But, how wisely are you choosing the keywords for your images? To help you get the most out of your Flickr tags, we bring you a slice of what is trending this week. Be sure to check out the Trending Tags page on Flickr for more everyday updates!


The twelfth month of the year is strongly associated with Christmas and the beginning of the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere. Take a look at some of the best wintry photos tagged with the word “December” this week.

We've seen this sort of thing before.
Rain rain
misty sunset


Old, dear, white-bearded Santa has started to carefully listen and read through the letters and wish lists of children all over the world. Their proud parents have not resisted the temptation to share cute photos of excited and festive tots with the Flickr community.


MoKan 2016 Santa


There are only twenty days left before the Big Day comes, and as you have probably guessed already, Flickr is getting into the festive spirit of family gatherings, decorations, and Christmas trees. Deck the halls!

X'mas Gingerbread Man
Cats for Christmas )


Another popular tag that couldn’t be left out of this seasonally-themed Top 5 is “bright”. Are you ready to get your flashes out and shoot some lit-up trees?

Wrapping up Christmas


As usual, any terms related to cold weather become a recurrent topic on Flickr during the winter months. This time, last week’s top trending tag “frost” has been replaced by the keyword “frozen.” The cold never bothered us anyway.


kristallkugel im schnee