Flickr Friday: Racing

Some say life itself is a racing, do you agree? The theme for this week’s #FlickrFriday is #Racing.
Share your best photo on the theme with our Flickr Friday group by the next Friday, and we will feature our favorites right here next week.

Catchy Colors: Blue and Black

The colors of this week’s Catchy Colors are Blue and Black. Blue let us think about sky and waters, and black could be anything without illumination. There must be some magic in the contrast and concordance with blue and black, so share us your best shot by the next Wednesday.

Catchy Colors: The Brown Selections

The theme color for #CatchyColors last week was #Brown, and it is the color about age and nostalgia that we could easily find in our surrounding. We’ve got so many great photos on various topics, from leaves to the rusty metal. All photos submitted is so beautiful that we put them into a gallery, and featured our favorites here.