Turn any blog into a moblog – just like that!

Today’s HOTT new feature is performing automatic actions when uploading by email: automatically add tags or post right to your blog. That means you can turn pretty much any blog (TypePad, Blogger, MovableType, LiveJournal and many others) into a moblog instantly. It’s neat!

autoblogging in 3 easy steps

To get going, first make sure you have at least one blog set up in the system and then hit your upload-by-email settings page to set it up. And then … that’s it! From then on, every photo you email in to the newly minted magic address will be added to your photostream on Flickr AND posted to your blog all at once, automagically.

(If you are arriving at this post without having signed up for Flickr before then, well, you have to create an account first.)