Tags and Feeds and Their Intersection

There are now feeds available for all tags in the system, so you can get the latest photos of my dog by subscribing to the feed you’ll find at the bottom of this page: flickr.com/photos/tags/dospesos/.

Or, if you just wanted to see my photos of Dos Pesos (the dog in question), then you’ll find a link to the feed at the bottom of this page: flickr.com/photos/stewart/tags/dospesos

And there is a funner way to look at your own and other people’s tags, much like the main tags page: the more instances of a given tag, the bigger the link. Have a look at our tags and you’ll see what I mean: Caterina’s tagsEric’s tagsGeorge’s tagsStewart’s tags

And more changes went up today as well. For example, the page which shows new photos from your contacts is suddenly 500% more useful (since it now shows all the photos, rather than just the most recent from each contact). And the way we handle potentially offensive photos has changed too, implementing many of the suggestions offered up by users over the last little while.