Group Photo Pools

We’ve always had groups, and we’ve always had photos, but we’ve never had group photos. Ta-da! Now every group has a group photo pool. Photostream, photopool — we’re even staying true to our original metaphor.

To add a photo to your group’s pool, just go to a photo in your photostream, look on the left side of the photo, and click on the “Send to Group” icon, select the group from the pulldown menu, and off you go. Adding a photo to a group pool allows any group member to view your photo, and add notes, tags and comments, regardless of its current privacy settings.

Private groups + photo pools = a lot more flexibility in private photo sharing

This is the first version of Group Pools, and there will be more improvements and iterations as we learn about how it can best be used.

Also note that you can now make Groups that are Invite Only. You can choose to hide discussions and/or photo pools from non-members in public groups if you wish.