End of Week Wrap-up

Another week, another pile of fixes, tweaks and enhancements. You may also notice that, as a result of some network changes completed today, Flickr is about twice as fast at serving photos. Here are some good new groups: What are you grilling?, for photos of your barbeque in action, and the Stock Photo Repository if you feel like contributing to the creativity of others.

ถ่ายที่ท่าพระจันทร์ งานรับปริญญาเมื่�ส�งปีที่แล้ว (ปีที่��ยรับปริญญาน่ะ) And, a great photo with notes in Thai (you’ll need to have a Thai language pack/font installed to see them, I think). That looks so cool!

And here are some amazingly colorful fish:
(see more of Nao’s photos)

And, for some good and varied browsing, check out the photostreams of mrkuffler, minnesota, Bertrand, stewartmwood and tecgirl. They all deserve their own post, really, but hey – at least you get to see them now.