Pro Accounts Are Now Available!

Woohoo! Special Beta Offer: pro accounts are now available at a discount off the regular price while we are still in beta! Get 1 GB of uploads per month, with unlimited storage and bandwidth. More info is here. The response has been really good.

New features to announce too! We’ve now made it possible to browse by Creative Commons Licenses, so you can see photos organized by how they are licensed, and search for them using full text search. We’re big supporters of the whole Creative Commons movement, learn more about it here .

Slide Shows are new and improved too: you can now view detailed information about each photo from within the slide show. It’s very cool. And slideshows now work for even more collections of photos, like group pools, tags within pools, and new photos from your contacts

Another new thing you can do you can put your photosets in any order you like (just load Organizr and click the ‘reorder’ link).

And that’s not all! (I feel like I”m selling Ginsu knives on late night TV here). I found out about this great project on Flickr today called I Wish To Say by Sheryl Oring. She sits in the middle of town with a typewriter and types any letter that people dictate to her and sends it to the President.