JPG Magazine launches

JPG magazine, now out

Congratulations to Derek and Heather, on the launch of JPG Magazine a magazine dedicated to digital photography, and, as they say “the kind of photography you get when you love the moment more than the camera.” Derek and Heather are long time friends of Flickr, and are two of the people I know who love the internet the most. They’ve spent their careers connecting people online and off, and it is great to see them creating another bridge between those worlds.

I haven’t gotten my copy of the magazine yet, since it just became available today. But there are even some Flickr members featured in their inaugural issue, Origin, including Paul Cloutier and our very own Eric Costello. I love that they are taking a real grassroots approach, and focusing on photography made by people for whom photography is not necessarily a full time job, but an act of understanding, loving, knowing and seeing.

You can submit work to JPG too! Join the JPG Magazine group on Flickr to keep abreast of submission guidelines and other happenings.