Flickr will be down for a (few) moment(s) while

We’re doing some database maintenance. It will be back online within 30 minutes.

UPDATE1: Unless it takes longer, in which case it won’t be back online within 30 minutes, but rather will be back online after a longer period of time (greater number of minutes).

Excuse us.

UPDATE2: A routine maintenance upgrade has turned into the discovery of some database corruption which we are isolating and repairing presently. Sorry about this :(

UPDATE3: When it rains, it pours. It’s pouring database headaches, but we just took two aspirin and should be on the mend soon.

UPDATE4: Ahhhh. It is almost done. We’ve discovered a fundamental
mystery in the core of MySQL, but Scoobie Snacks saved the day.

UPDATE5: Well, that sucked. But at least everything works. And the team got curry for free. So, two out of nine ain’t bad.