Flickr coincidence


Meiji Shrine Bridge Performance


Where to start? Well, while on a trip to Tokyo, Flickr user Matt took the picture to the left. It’s a neat "meta" picture of an interesting looking phototgrapher taking a picture of an interesting bunch of teenagers in hip Harajuku putting on some sort of performance. A nice photograph. (Matt took a few more of these meta pictures while in Harajuku .)

But then… He posted the photo to Flickr, where someone saw it and recognized the interesting looking photographer from her tattoo. He sent her a link to Matt’s photo, she joined Flickr and posted the photo (below left) she was taking at the time Matt took his photo! (CherryVega posted a wonderful collection of photos, including this one, that she took in the Tokyo Streets.)

Man do we love this stuff!

Flickr user Brock maybe says it best:

"Wait. Let me get this straight.

A guy from Scotland goes 5490 miles to Tokyo and takes a picture of a
girl taking a picture. She turns out to be from England, 413 miles away
from him.

Impressive, but not all that weird.


He posts the picture he took on a Website (in Canada, irrelevantly) and within 6 weeks the girl in the photo finds it?

That is truly amazing."

More amazing Flickr coincidences can be found in the thread from which I stole this story.