From Flash to DHTML (on some pages!)

Emerging One

We’ve made some changes to the photo pages, converting them from Flash to DHTML, which our own in-house DHTML guru, Eric Costello, presented at this past week’s AJAX summit sponsored by O’Reilly and Adaptive Path. There are, of course, still key parts of the site that use Flash, but the biggest change is on the photo pages. You can read more about the summit at Ajaxian. What do these changes mean for Flickr users? In Eric’s words:

We’ll we’ve gone and done it. In answer to countless requests, photo pages no longer use a Macromedia Flash wrapper to display photos; instead we are using an old technology called “DHTML.”

In addition, the “Send to Group,” “Add to Set,” and “Blog This” buttons above photos now allow you to perform relevant actions right there on the page!

And also, links now work in notes! (And we’ll soon be adding some more cool auto-linking features when the links point to Flickr pages.)

People are already finding great new uses for the linking in notes. Click through on Happy Monkey’s photo up above to see one example, and this one by GustavoG.