Shiny New Toy

You heard it here first! The artisans in the Yahoo Search atelier have been toiling away on a great new Yahoo Search product, My Web 2.0, and it is
going into limited beta today. It’s the long rumored and greatly anticipated
Social Search: better search through people you trust! And it has all the ingredients for a healthy Web 2.0 experience, including:

• Control what you see (and want to see) by your social network

Open APIs for developers to mess with

• RSS feeds for pulling out the stuff you’re interested in

And of course:

• You can tag more than a kid with ADD on a third grade playground (including
location, time and people tagging)

I am personally excited about this launch. I have always loved the web for
enabling people to share, collaborate and form communities that matter to
them. Apply this to search, and you have an incredibly powerful tool that
enables you to search in concert with people you trust. The vision for Yahoo
is to to enable people to find, use, share, and expand all human
knowledge, and My Web 2.0 gets us sneakernetting towards the Emerald City.

The product has been in development for a long time by a crack team who you will be meeting soon in the cocktail party better known as the MyWeb Blog. Flickr’s brain trust has contributed (and will be contributing more!) to the

Remember that this is an early version, and so we’d like to pre-empt your desire to upbraid us for things that are already in the works. Uncle!

• The ability to "bookmark" people (without becoming contacts in the system)

• Groups, where you can, say, share links with just your work group, or friends interested in Judy Garland collectibles

• Discussions/comments, where you can talk about each link

• Easier, more intuitive invite process. We know it’s currently lame.

You can read more about My Web 2.0 on the FAQ, and in the the discussion area, you can make
suggestions, report bugs and post philosophical tracts about the
semantic web
. Also, get the bookmarklet here.

We wanted to make sure Flickr members got a chance to get in first as it is
a limited beta, which means after we’ve got a certain number of beta
testers, we must close it off to new users. So if you want to check it out,
sign up right away or you’ll be known as a beta test b-lister and will have
to wear one
of these
. Don’t let it happen to you.