Scheduled Downtime Tonight

Flickr will be down at 10pm Pacific Time (0600 GMT) tonight for approximately 2 hours. (View 10pm Pacific in your timezone). We’re upgrading servers and making a series of tweaks. We apologize for the length of time, but we’re rolling a few changes into one downtime rather than having a bunch here and there. Back up asap!

Good! In the end it only took 46 minutes. But, who’s counting?

In other news, it’s been a hectic few days in the office, so George and Heather created a new tag and group called "Do Your Worst":

This group is about photos of people making their WORST FACE EVA.

Worst is: Ugliest, Most Contorted, Not Smiling, I Mean Really As UGLY As You Can Get It.

– If you’re photographing someone else, say "Ugly, Ugly, Ugly" very loudly at them
– No hands!
– Tongues usually help

Some examples?

do your worst A little bit too much smiling IMG_1363
do your worst Not bad! My relatives were from Europe There's lumps of it out the back

Good way to blow off a little steam …