Creative Commons 2005 Fundraising

The Creative Commons organization needs help (Lawrence Lessig explains). They have to demonstrate "public support" to the IRS in order to keep their tax-exempt status in future years (their original funding came from a small number of large contributors). They are now down to the last $75,000.

We originally intended to set up a challenge where we’d match Flickr users contributions, but we didn’t have time to do it before the holidays. So instead, the Flickr team donated $10,000 — and we hope to turn the challenge around a little and see if our contribution can provoke a match from the community. If you want us to you are matching our donation put [flickrmatch] after your name when you go to contribute :)

If you are interested in supporting CC, you can donate here and I think our friends at Six Apart are still matching public donations, so each dollar can go farther.

(And a radical improvement to Flickr’s own Creative Commons search system is coming, as one of our new year’s resolutions. Happy holidays!)