X-Ray, Tapir and Little Sister

Fix You

Dazzle us with your ingenuity people. Having long loved surfing through the Transparent Screens Pool, we are very impressed with Blue Musing, who takes it to a whole new level with this lovely xray shot.

Tapir 2 300 x 400

You can fulfill your desire to “learn something new every day” by reading about the Brazilian Tapir on the Beach Combers R Us page: “This particular animal appears to be exhibiting a Flehmen response which is a common reaction when they pick up the scent of another tapir.” Oh, what a lovely feeling, that Flehmen feeling, the hot smell of a rutty tapir on the hot hot wind. Makes your hooves curl and your lips go kissy.

The Stare

Someone’s little sister is winning the staring contest, I have a feeling. I never blinked, or lost. No, never.