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myponga rock festival 1971.

I was writing on my blog today about what makes people come back to web sites again and again
and so much of it is about other people being there. My friend Scott was showing me his collection of Fuzzy Fellowship photos which he found all over the web, and which helped him think up Meetup. So I IM’d him the tag for Gathering and found all these fantastic photos:

yee sung ) #50

Mitchell_Group 8480-small-supper-circle

Make sure you check out the Events listed on the left side there and make a point of going out with your fellow Flickrers; The list grows and grows!! Photo safaris and Meetups from Kyoto to Wellington. Phenomenal.

Is it just me, noticing that the ceiling is coming down ?

Photos by downtoearth, Lotus Utol
doc18, Jeff N Amy Hatch, Loupiote, and Le Dock.