Flickr and Greasemonkey

Longtime Flickr user striatic just pointed out an interview he did with another longtime Flickr user and hacker, Steeev, for Utata‘s (Flickr group) Ink section. Steeev makes Greasemonkey scripts[1]. Greasemonkey is an extension to the Firefox browser that lets you customize how various websites look and work (adding new features, moving links to places that make more sense to you … things like that).

If you spend a lot of time on Flickr, use Firefox and you’re comfortable poking around a little under the hood a little, you might want to install Greasemonkey and give a couple of Steeev scripts a try[2]. Two of them, the new Flickr Contacts Organiser and the popular Group Pool Admin: Warn + Delete are reported to be extremely useful (to people with many contacts and to administrators of popular groups, respectively). Definitely gives us nice motivation to improve Flickr!


[1] You can find lots of Greasemonkey scripts at Note that Flickr is the second most "Greasemonky’d" site on the net — I learned that from the interview.)

[2] Obligatory disclaimer: we offer no support for 3rd party
extensions; do not warranty anything about them, including that they won’t
erase your harddrive and kill your pets; and have not audited any
Flickr Greasemonkey scripts for security of privacy issues.