TTV & Contraptions


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Bhangrafest TTV 11 Sea of Chairs - TTV

Almost as intriguing as the Through The Viewfinder photos themselves (above) are the contraptions used to create the photos (below). Check out the TTV Group or the “throughtheviewfinder” cluster for more photos and this TTV Topic for more “contraption” photos. If you’re in or around Mystic, Connecticut, don’t miss Mr. E.‘s show at Bartleby’s Coffee Cafe (more info). The exhibition runs through October 16th.

TTV contraption v1.0 Digiflex My

My TTV Contraption CRW_3626_RJ TTV Contraption v1.0

Photos from rustman, traskblueribbon, Carol Esther, Pete Ashton, rokou, original_ann, Plutor, Amy Gieske, and mike warren.