Triple Treat

Today we’re launching three new features: guest pass, a new mobile site and camera finder. Here’s the scoop on each:

3 generations
Guest Pass
Ever wanted to share private photos with friends and family without making them go through the rigamarole or opening their own Flickr account? Yes? You have? Sorry – I can’t hear you … never mind: we’ll just assume you have wanted that. Well now you can!!!

You can go to any of your sets and click "Share this set" to create a guest pass. Enter up to 50 email address and choose whether you want the recipients to also have access to other friends and family photos in your photostream and boom: it’s sharetastic. Guest passes work with secret links so you can send the link yourself or have us send it for you. When you want to reign things in a bit, you can expire the guest pass at any time.

We’re especially happy about this one since it’s the second most requested feature of all time (and work has already begun on the number one most requsted feature – we’ll eventually get ’em all).
We’ve updated our long-dormant and seemingly left-for-dead mobile site with a lot of new stuff. The highlights include recent activity, recent comments, support for Y! ID based login, search, and a new easier to type URL: This is just the beginning, we’re planning on rolling out continuing improvements to the mobile site in the near future.

(Note for old skool members: the new mobile site, sadly, will not work for you: we’ve made the transition to supporting Yahoo! ID login exclusively for mobile. The vast majority of our users are now using Yahoo! IDs, and many of the cool features we’re working on depend on fancy-schmancy, high-tech Yahoo! infrastructure that necessitates this style of login. And, as a gentle reminder, we will be requiring Y! accounts for all members at some point in the future.)

Camera Finder
See the most popular cameras on Flickr, search by camera model, check our macro, portrait, night and action shots from each model, see the trends for camera usage by manufacturer and find reviews and pricing information – it’s like a whole, um, camera finder on a web site! If you’re curious about the capabilities of a new cameraphone, how good the little point and shoots are going or what people are using the latest digital SLRs for, it’s a pretty fantastic resource.

So that’s today’s "Triple Treat". Enjoy!

Photo from sesame ellis.