Quick link roundup

As usual, there’s a whole world of Flickring going on. Pinoy Flickr ‘addicts’ hold exhibit in Manila while, on the other side of the globe, Paul Stamatiou, (Georgia Tech student, former Yahoo! intern and ace blogger) writes up an excellent and comprehensive post entitled Gift Ideas for the Flickr Fanatic.

Finally Time Magazine has a great piece on Flickr member Ali Kurshid, as part of their "Person of the Year: You" issue (on stands now).

… Khurshid is more than willing to wax romantic about the unifying, globalizing greatness of the Flickr community. "I love the world coming together in one place and just sharing all that’s in it," he says. "I feel like I get to see the world like it really, truly is. Not by stereotyping a people or a country."

Even more than blogs or video-sharing sites, Flickr has the power to forge international bonds because it works in an entirely nonverbal medium.

We couldn’t have said better ourselves! You can find Ali’s photos on Flickr along with those of
Lavannya Goradia who also gets quoted in the article.