Image cachooo!

Well, we’re sorry about the downtime folks, but some of our image caches flaked out on us, which caused all sorts of weirdness on the site. And not good weirdness, either.

We’ll be back in a blip, and will keep you posted until we get it all sorted out!

6PM PST Update:  Looks like we wrestled the image caches back under control. We should be back shortly now.

6:15PM PST Update:  And, we’re back! We do apologize for the outage. And if you see any remaining image oddness on the site, a SHIFT + REFRESH will clear it up.

6:45PM PST Update:  We are down again. Please bear with us :/

7:15PM PST Update:  Another engineer has joined the fight.

7:45PM PST Update:  We’ve got what we hope is a suitable solution to the problem. Double checking things now!

8:30PM PST Update: We’re back again. And again, a SHIFT + REFRESH should clear up any remaining image weridness. Please accept our apology for this extended outage.