Slideshow Enhancements

We’re pleased to announce another round of slideshow enhancements! They’ve been a while in coming, but we think you’ll like them.

  • First off, we’ve added slideshows for search results! You’ll see the new slideshow link in the upper right of all search result pages.
  • Second, it used to be that If you linked to a slideshow from a photo page, the slideshow would start at the beginning of the group of photos. Now, it’ll more sensibly start at the photo you were looking at! In a similar way, if you link to a slideshow from a page that lists a bunch of photos, the slideshow will start at the first photo on that page.
  • Another bonus: you can now run a slideshow in forward or reverse.
  • And finally, you will now see a preview of a photo when you mouseover a thumbnail along the bottom.

Without further ado, here are a few slideshows for your pleasure:

Photos of Fireworks from July 4 2007.

Photos of the ocean taken this summer.