How We Are Now: Finalists announced


As I posted back in May, it was a real thrill for the Flickr team to hear from the Tate Britain, who had conceived of the How We Are Now: Photographing Britain exhibition. Flickr itself was embedded in the concept for the show, and it seemed only natural to ask Flickr members to show us their Britain, with the possibility of having their photograph hung in the exhibition.

There ended up being 7,816 photos submitted to the How We Are Now group pool over almost three months, and the group enjoyed lively discussion over that time, well looked after by John from the Tate, I might add.

It became the tough job of 5 judges – Susan Bright and Val Williams, co-curators of How We Are; Derek Ridgers, photographer; our very own Heather Champ, Flickr’s Community Manager and Greg Whitmore, Observer Picture Editor – to select 10 photos from each theme as the finalists.

If there’s one negative aspect to this wonderful project, it’s that Heather is too upstanding to accept my nefarious bribe to get (at least) one of my darned photos on to the final list. Thinking back, I really should have bought her that pony she’s always wanted.

The lady you see above is Nana, by davidcharding.