The Golden Ratio

Golden ratio?

Golden Ratio    the golden  ratio

Fibonacci Chicken Soup     Golden Ratio - 1.618

When a single, intangible concept suspiciously manifests itself systematically in things living and inanimate, I take a mental this-must-mean-something note. Sometimes I get goosebumps. Ok, now I’ve said too much.

I’ve been obsessed with phi (aka The Golden Ratio) for a few years now. One garden-variety, rainy-day bookstore visit left me with this ink drop in my brain. Even after I’ve turned off my radar to the uber-referenced rose or nautilus shell, I still find myself cornered with those brief, unassuming moments when math seems to jump out of the woodwork and say “gotcha!”

Photos from Froots, leslie stroope, D.mental,
brennheit bakst, and inkyfingerz.