Traveling Toys

Traveling Babo at Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

Ranakpur Jain Temple    Greetings from London

Day 13 - Hatching a Plan    Lapin Poulain visits an exhibition.

The garden gnome gets all the glory, but the truth is that it isn’t the only species of toy that’s been racking up frequent-flyer miles. Seeking to evade the limelight and possible resulting repercussions, toys of all circles have been stealthy in their globetrotting. When spotted in airports and bus terminals, they typically act as if inadvertently left behind by their owners.

If you chance on a toy amidst one of its travels, you can submit your evidence here or here. Don’t bother prodding it with questions; it will most likely act coy.

Photos from travelbabo, doc18, tommy.toast and merlinprincesse.