Every day Earth Day – Freecycle Givers and Takers

1985 lawnmower... the beginning

A trampoline, art supplies, a lawnmower, and four bottles of salad dressing. And did I mention computers and cars?

The world of Freecycle can be wacky and surprising, but it’s also downright useful and often heartwarming. That dusty old thing in your garage might just be perfect for someone right in your neighborhood or town. Traci from Poquoson, VA lost everything in a hurricane and posted a “wanted” message for a lawnmower in her local Freecycle group. Sure enough, she got the lovely lawnmower (picture above) – and discovered the donor was a colleague of her husband’s!

retro sideboard    My First Bike Build (FrankenBike)

Soda Pop Caps    Freecycle trough all decorated!!

The basic principle is getting rid of stuff you don’t want anymore and giving it away to someone who does. It’s more meaningful than just dropping a bag off at Goodwill — on Freecycle, you offer your item and the person who wants it responds. You’ll be surprised at how true the old adage is, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Last year, after cleaning out my garage, I had an old monitor and box of black envelopes. I offered them up on Freecycle and was amazed that within minutes, there was someone from the local senior center who needed the monitor, and a non-profit that desperately needed the envelopes. If you have a great Freecycle story, share it in the Freeycle Treasures group.

Freecycle is an easy way to help someone out (and earn some good karma), and while you’re at it, celebrate Earth Day by keeping junk out of landfills (more good karma!).

Photos from tracidale, flymissy, TempletonElliott, Meukin, and Auntie_Doris