Stories from Ireland

ColleenM has been sharing photographs that she took on a trip to Ireland in 1972. A couple of those photos have triggered stories from members.

Milk Cart

“Well heres the story I grew up on that street, Its called Upper William St., it used be called Patrick St. I lived 9 doors up from the building with the balcony. That Hall is called St. Patricks Hall, they had snooker and Billard tables. The man standing at the door is Tony Fealey and I remember that wee black dog well I used to play with him. I was 12 when that photo was taken. I know everyone who lived in all those houses, one of them was direlect back then, the one with the brown door where the dog is. We thought is was haunted. The guy who owned the donkey is probably having a pint in Sheahan’s Bar which was just a bit up on the left from where the donkey and cart were parked.”bernard.oconnell

Street Vendors, Moore St.

“Yes, Sheils is a butcher. Actually, it is my Father’s family (we spell it differently) and he left Dublin a very long time ago. I can’t wait to show him the photo. Also, his Mother’s family has had a stall on Moore Street for generations. I know that this photo will generate alot of memories for him. Thanks so much! “jackieshiels

Photos from ColleenM.