888 (Found)

Time Never Sleeps


08. August 2008    ∞

8-8-08 / waterfietsen    Odometer 8.8

We’ve been sifting through your wonderful contributions to Flickr 888* and there are some emerging themes. (Who knew that there were so many Magic 8-balls out there?) We’ll be sharing a few of our favourites over the next few weeks.

Photos from James_at_Slack, jonzer, sgroni, Maxfacs, Plutone (NL), and Highway Royalty.
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* What is this Flickr 888 thing? We’re celebrating another 24 hours of Flickr with members contributing photos taken on August 8, 2008 — 888! If you missed the blog post, but took a photo last Friday, there’s still time to participate. The full info is available in the Flickr 888 group and the group rules.