Norway, Sweden, and Denmark — then and now

[Bondhus glacier and lake, Hardanger Fjord, Handanger, Norway] (LOC)

The Bondhus glacier Our friends at the Library of Congress have published a new set of photos in their Commons account.

The 169 glorious and majestic views of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark in Photochrom Travel Views are part of a much larger collection that they will be sharing on Flickr as they move from the top of the world on down.

With a little searching, I found a “then” and “now” of the Bondhus Glacier (above) and Helsingborg (below). If you come across further examples, please share them in this Flickr Commons group topic.

[Helsingborg, Copenhagen, Denmark] (LOC)    2008-09-13

Photos from The Library of Congress, ginacesilie, and Giåm.