Tick Tock

With the launch of video on Flickr last year, the Flickrverse had access to a new tool for storytelling. What we’ve personally enjoyed most is having the opportunity to experience events that would otherwise be beyond our reach.

Night dives with Manta Rays? Celebrating Bhutanese New Year in Thimpu, Bhutan? An F-18 launching of the deck of the USS Eisenhower? West Pier Starlings in Brighton? These are but a few of the videos that have rocked our world.

We’ve been working with the fine folks at Stamen on a gorgeous new project to feature the breadth and wealth of video on Flickr that will debut soon.*

While we normally don’t talk about improvements or new features before they launch, we need your help in pre-populating the Flickr Clock. If you’re game, please check out the Flickr Clock group on how you can have your video featured.

*Along with some other video goodies.