Auckland Harbour Bridge

Auckland Harbour Bridge    Harbour bridge stamp

“This picture of mine is going to be published on a New Zealand postage stamp.

I received an fmail some time a go out of the blue from a guy I did not know asking me if he could use my photo in a proposal for a stamp series celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. I said sure, go ahead, not really thinking it was likely to come to something. I was blown away when he got back to me several weeks later saying it was accepted and would go ahead. I emailed him an original of the shot which he edited and this is the proof for the final stamp. The stamp goes public on the 1st of May.

When is sunk in that my picture would be on stamps that could go around the world and viewed by many many people it is a huge honour to have my photo chosen.”timmelm

Photos from timmelm. Via zyrcster in Flickr Central.
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