Your photography book, now

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Blurb’s annual Photography Book Now competition is well underway, but you still have time to submit your book for review.

Blurb is one of our Do More partners, and we are always happy to help spread the word about an opportunity for Flickr photographers to highlight their projects. Especially when so many of you have already made books and shared them here.

Here’s the list of Blurb books for sale by Flickr members. You can also visit the Blurb group on Flickr for inspiration.

Got a photo-book percolating? Get going! The year’s half over!

Photos by FinestraPhoto, Bienvenido, RIPizzo, CatMacBride, Tate Gallery, Primary Colors (Bill Gerrard), Seannarae, Thinklia, swilton, gunnarfreyr, NWilson, and petrvlk.