crack in the earth

Wild horses    Owyhee Lake

Ridge Above Honeycombs    A mysterious path lies ahead

Owyhee River packrafting

Walking through the Netherworld Owyhee 

Owyhee Sunset

The Owyhee Canyonlands cover over 10,000 square miles (25,900 square kilometers) of the western United States. It’s roughly the size of Massachusetts. It’s so rugged and hard to access that, despite it’s size, very few people live there or have even heard of it. It’s inaccessibility has kept its deep canyons and starry sky secret and pure. You won’t find it in many guidebooks. Above is a peek inside from Flickr members that traveled through it.

To see more of Owyhee check it out on the Map or try a tag search for owyhee.

Photos from merrittglenn, Doug Idaho, hay5bales, larrysul2001, Walks On Rocks, webtwb, Nikon Junkie, and jasmine008.

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