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(Updated to add information on the art installation and event tags.)

For all of those going to Burning Man this year, you can now tag your photos on Flickr and have them show up on the Burning Man Earth pages for theme camps, events, and art installations.

How to:

It’s easy to do, the tag formats are:

  • Theme camp: burningman:camp=
  • Art installation: burningman:art=
  • Event: burningman:event=

To get the codes just check out the Burning Man Earth pages for Theme Camps, Art Installations, and Events where your images will soon appear. You can see the codes at the end of the URLs and on the page for each camp, installation and event.

For Example:

If you have pictures of the Center Camp Cafe and want to share them with people visiting that page on Burning Man Earth, you would tag a photo: burningman:camp=2399 (see 2399 in the URL for Center Camp Cafe.) After it's tagged and uploaded, the image should show on the Burning Man page within a few minutes.

More info:

To learn more about the Burning Man Earth project and all the exciting things they are doing with the new Burning Man API, iPhone app, and more, check out their site, this article at O'Reilly Radar or visit their camp when you get to the playa.

To learn more about machine tags check out our FAQ.

And one last Burner's note, when uploading and tagging your pictures, please take a moment to flag them with the appropriate safety level as well. Have fun! :)

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