Station Fire, Los Angeles

Station Fire  Station Fire  Station Fire

Scorching of LA

just up the street !    a big fire affecting real people

Hollywoodland    Station fire - Sat. nite


Forest Fire Sunset  Station Fire  Station Fire - Night

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mushroom cloud over los angeles

Since erupting August 26th, the Station Fire, burning in southern California, has ravaged more than 140,000 acres, killed two firefighters, destroyed more than five dozen homes, and is the largest wildfire in Los Angeles county in over 100 years. Kudos to the courageous firefighters and volunteers battling this blaze.

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Photos from kjdrill, code20photog, The Horned Jack Lizard, ajax8055, mccannta,Sbaros, okarol, Sunset Noir, biggimote, anosmicovni, nate.berggren and Darius twin.