Circumnavigation for Good


DSCN0764    Camping in a woodland glade

DSCN0599    DSCN0608

Flickr member James Bowthorpe, a.k.a GlobeCycle, is about to complete the fastest circumnavigation of the Earth on a freakin’ bicycle. He started on March 29th, 2009 with the goal of raising £1.8 million for research into the causes of Parkinson’s Disease. Starting and ending in London, England, James will have ridden over 18,000 miles in about 150 days. Back in August he increased his daily mileage from 120 to 150 miles per day (!!!), putting him on track to break the current world record by nearly four weeks. He’s been busy geotagging, so you can see a map of his photos all the way around the world.

He’ll be arriving back in London this Saturday afternoon. If you’re in London, you can meet him at the Roehampton Gate Cafe in Richmond Park at 4pm GMT and ride with him to the Hyde Park bandstand. If you go, take some photos and tag them with GlobeCycle.

All photos from GlobeCycle.