Natural Disasters Strike Hard

Padang 7.9 - 12

Ateneo Relief Center for Typhoon Ondoy Victims-17

Padang 7.9 - 09

Tsunami Aftermath 28

Collapsed building

Parma's Rain Bands near Northern Luzon

It’s been an awful several days of natural tragedies in Asia-Pacific regions, coming on the heels of the recent storms and floods in Manila. Earthquakes sparked tsunamis which struck Tonga and Samoa, and another has followed in Indonesia, prompting landslides in it’s wake. On top of that, another typhoon- Parma (known as Pepeng locally)- is racing through the Philippines. Hundreds of lives have been lost and thousands displaced. Relief efforts for recent and ongoing disasters are underway.

Photos from suhai19, mohamadfazli, James Kneubuhl, MJField, dan_07, L.A Lomarda, and Storm Crypt.