It’s a Lurvely day in the App Garden!

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A great way to find new favorites on Flickr is to see what your friends are favoriting!

Developer Scott Mongrain is growing a fun application in the App Garden called Lurvely. It fetches Flickr photos you’ve added as favorites, brings you photo recommendations from your friends that they’ve favorited, and allows you to favorite new images you’ve noticed there. It’s a great way to explore parts of Flickr you’ve not yet seen and a cool way to see what your contacts enjoy, too.


Here’s an example of how it works. Last night, I saw Kevin’s photograph of the full moon over the Bay Bridge and added it to my faves. Using Lurvely, I can see what other images have been favorited by the people who also faved his photo. I can also see what he’s added to his favorites recently.

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Application by scottmon.