Your Worst Shot 2009

After the operation    The Fine Line between Cute and Slightly Ominous?

Apple crisp

i couldnt resist :D

test sending image to ping Light Thinkin bird25

Flickr members have been submitting some really fantastic photos to the group pool dedicated to 2009s best shots they’ve taken. We love them! Keep them coming along- we will be featuring more of them on the Flickr Blog. However, Samm Bennett started a contrarian thread for people to submit what they feel is their worst shot of the year, and it’s been really amusing to see the contributions. Some of the descriptions of what went wrong are hilarious- we’ve all been there, right? Enjoy! :)

Photos from there is hope., Jonathan del Bosque, DJ-Dwayne, wokka, winkydo, vesleserena, kightp and kmam.