Earth Hour 2010 continues…

earth hour 2010

Earth Hour / Föld Órája 2010, Széchenyi's Chain-Bridge

Earth Hour 2010 - Madrid- 2

Oslo during earth hour 2010

Earth Hour 2010 Münster, Germany 20:28

Earth Hour / Föld Órája 2010, The Hungarian Parliament / Parlament

Earth Hour 2010

earth hour 2010

March 27, 2010 at 8:30pm local time is Earth Hour. Across the world, as the Earth Hour approaches, people, cities, and famous landmarks are joining in by turning off the lights. As Earth Hour makes its way across the planet, we’ll be updating the blog with more images.

Celebrate by turning out the lights and posting photos of your Earth Hour in the Earth Hour 2010 group.

Photos by marlesghillie, Chu❤, res2000, hitkaiser, 2Tales, Sternfreunde Münster, Håkan Bäckvall and thomas:bach:nielsen.