Carry That Weight

LCD Soundsystem - Aziz Ansari Crowd Surfing

Crowdsurfer at Siren Music Festival   Veara

Crowd Surfing @ Wakestock 2009   Crowd jumping!!

Crystal Castles at the CAC

Greenday   Pitchfork Music Festival 2009

No crowdsurfing at Pinkpop!

Imagine this: You’re in the middle of the crowd. Enjoying the music as much as everyone else, but still too self-conscious to bust a dance move. You start wishing you wore clogs to this show because your feet are killing you and the band is still very much into the groove. A rank-smelling odor begins to creep its way up to your nostrils–a culmination of sweat and bad oral hygiene. You start to dance, despite your self-conscious nature, because you think, ‘Hey, everyone else around me looks like a fool too”. Then, like a bird shot out of a sky, Aziz Ansari is dropped right on top of your head. After the realization of having “that one guy from TV” almost knock you out in the middle of Madison Square Garden, you begin to ponder how if a 5’6 man seemingly fell, out of no where, on top of your head in any other situation, that would probably be a cause for concern—but this is a SHOW….and at shows, bad dancing, sweaty bodies, questionable scents and celebrities falling out of the sky are prerequisites for a good time.

Photos from veropie (whose photo of Aziz Ansari crowd surfing at the last LCD Soundsystem show inspired above anecdote), Kathryn Yu, Adam Naples, 春 风 Stéphane Lam, Being LarsLars, SashayGrunge, nickpickles, jcbehm, and .m for matthijs.

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