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Lebowski Fest 2011

Lebowski Fest 2011  Lebowski Fest 2011 Lebowski Fest 2011

L.A. Lebowski Fest 2010


The Big Lebowski on a Bowling Pin    The Big Lebowski on a Bowling Pin    The Big Lebowski on a Bowling Pin

Der Dude und Walter

After thirteen long years, the cast of The Big Lebowski reunited on August 16th–finally answering the age-old question, “Hey, when are they going to reunite the cast of The Big Lebowski?” Our wishes have been answered, dear friends. To celebrate the recent release of the famed 1998 Coen Brothers directed cult comedy on BluRay, a large portion of the cast (including Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, John Turturro and Julianne Moore) appeared for a Q&A before a screening at LebowskiFest–a celebratory convention that congregates fans (mostly in costume, as evident by the photos) to bask in the glory of the movie. Lebowski has been regarded as both one of the biggest cult films of all time and also one of the most heavily acclaimed comedies in the past decade (according to some critic, I’m sure).

Feel free to participate in this auspicious occasion by checking out more Lebowski doppelgängers at The Big Lebowski group here.

Also, be sure to stream the entire reunion here.

Photos from JKönig, gregthemayor, JonBauer, vidmon, 10ch, colormekatie, Kim Nowacki, and BR3ITN3R