Stuck on Earth iPad app

The Stuck on Earth iPad app from long time Flickr member Stuck in Customs, (a.k.a. Trey Ratcliff) is a great example of what we love to see people doing with the Flickr API and the wealth of geotagged photos on Flickr.


The app lets you explore the world through photos on Flickr. Just zoom into any location and photos taken there will pop up on the screen. Trey designed it for photographers and travelers (i.e. You!) to help plan what you might want to see and photograph when wandering the world.



The app is also built around the Stuck on Earth Community group that Trey has fostered here on Flickr. Members of the group submit photos and curated Top 50 lists around for all kinds of themes like Top 50 Airports and Top 50 Capital Cities. These are then incorporated into the app. You can filter these by category like architecture, entertainment, secret spots, etc. Being able to browse these curated lists is yet another great way the app lets you explore the world through Flickr photos guided by members of the Flickr and Stuck on Earth communities.

So if you’re a traveler or photographer check out the app, it’s free!

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Zack Sheppard

I'm a native Nevadan. I currently work at Flickr as the Senior Community Manager, and I also do training, and some writing there. I love information, but I love people above all things.