A few of your creations from April 1st


FlickrDither: My photos, renvisioned with a bold new design!



FlickrDither New Cars

Leap into the past


Yesterday we announced a bold new dithered redesign. But that was April Fools Day so don’t worry. However, many of you captured and uploaded the photos in glorious 1-bit black & white and we wanted to take a moment to show some of your creations.

You can see even more with a search for flickrdither or check out the brand new group.

Photos from WeeLittlePiggy, Zombie37, Pat Hawks, emilyshu, B@rnstormer, Gordana AM, and LuvenRN. Special thanks to our friends at Stamen Design for the lovely map tiles.

p.s. Bonus points for those of you that noticed the shirt Bill Atkinson was wearing in the photo featured on the blog.