Minimalism: Keeping it simple

What seems simple is actually complex. Take, for example, the appreciation of this set of five photos that teeter between 3D reality and flattened-out abstraction. Their foregrounds and backgrounds appear to almost fight for my attention. But it’s not only the balancing-act quality I admire, it’s also how the perfectly framed color fields and crisp contrasts amplify ordinary shapes and lines from diverse scenes: a lonely warning sign, a building corner in Cuba, a streetlight reflected from a puddle, a slanted horizon and wing from an airplane window, and the sun sliced by a sail in the Mediterranean. I could go on about what’s intricately great about each of these pictures, but I’ll stick to keeping it simple and let their minimalistic complexity speak for themselves.

Photos from BubblesPics, Rick E Dick, wuwei2012, KJTreiman, and SSyyRR.