U.S. fall foliage: Aspens galore

fall in colorado {explored}

Kebler Pass Overlook & Fall Colors

Leaving, Gone and Everlasting

Lost Lake

A Glimpse of Glory

We peruse leafy beauty in photos during the autumn every year, and the yellow and orange aspens always standout in our search results. These charming trees, that natively love high elevation and cold climates, pack groves in Colorado and nearby states. The first few photos seen here show just how beautiful they can be.

The aspens, of course, aren’t the only fall-season spectacles to watch: A trip on the Highland Scenic Highway in West Virginia offers views (captured in the last photo) of a variety of trees speckled with assorted fall colors.

Explore more of the featured landscapes: Kebler Pass, Rocky Mountain National Park, Wasatch National Forest, West Elk Wilderness, and Monongahela National Forest.

Share your best photos of this season’s colorful foliage in the fall foliage group.

Photos from JPutsch, Shaun McCullough, glness, and erjohn1423.